Aniamal Fancy Dresse for kids on aaradhya fancy dresses

Elephant Fancy Dress


Dress your baby girl or boy as a cute little lion cub. It could be for a themed animal party, or even a Disney party. We all love the Disney classic, The Lion King. You can hold your baby high up in the air to re-create the exact scene from the movie (you can even dress up too!) This Baby Loveable Lion Costume is extremely snug and will provide great comfort for your baby, so you don’t need to worry about them getting irritated or uncomfortable. If your little one gets tired and wants a little nap, we’ve got you covered! The lion’s mane wraps around their head like a cushion, so they can fall asleep comfortably.

Baby Lovable Lion Costume



This Lil Monkey Costume is made for babies that are slightly cheeky (but still cute!) If you’ve got a zoo or animal themed party coming up, or you just want your baby to look like an ape that’s up to no good, then this is the one for you. The costume is a onesie, allowing full comfort whilst they play away. Everyone will find it hard to resist this cheeky lil monkey, even if they are a bit mischievous! It’s an adorable costume and you can even match with them as mummy and daddy monkey!

Baby Lil Monkey Costume


Crocodiles are scary river creatures that have big, sharp teeth and a lot of people are afraid of them. You definitely wouldn’t want to be swimming in the lake with them around! Fear not, your baby will be anything but scary in this Goofy Gator Costume! Transform them into the friendly green reptile that everyone around you will fall in love with. The big eyes also make it stand out, along with its big mouth, where your baby’s smile will be poking through. Be sure not to snap away at anyone’s hands though!


Ideal for the spookiest time of the year, Halloween, you want to make your baby’s October 31st one to remember. One of our most popular and adorable baby Halloween baby costume ideas is this Baby Bat Onesie. Your baby is still going to look like a little cherub and will make other baby bats want to hang out with them! It’s a perfect costume for trick or treating, or even a Halloween party with the family. 

Baby Bat Onesie Costume


It’s always good to teach our littles ones the importance of healthy eating from a very young age. So, what better way than to transform your bundle of joy into an avocado? You may have a themed party coming up, where you want to bring your baby along, or even just to make them look extra sweet at home. Everyone will want to be the first in the queue to avocuddle with your baby – first come, first served!


Penguins are an all-round cute and friendly animal. Children are a big fan of penguins, with the Happy Feet film and all-time children’s classic TV programme, Pingu being one of the most watched series. This Baby Penguin Costume isn’t like any ordinary penguin costume, as it has its own very top hat, which is attached onto the hood of the outfit. Your baby will look adorable! It also has oversized flippers and arms for that awkward penguin appearance. You’ll have everyone saying ‘awww’ when they pass by and catch a glimpse of baby Pingu.

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